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ACS Offers Testing for Peace of Mind, Court, or Your Employer

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Testing is Confidential

ACS offers many services to individuals.  We honor a strict code of confidentiality whether you are testing for your employer, your testing is court-ordered, or you are testing yourself or a family member.  Test results may only be released to the parties designated by the person, company, or agency that orders the test.  

My Employer is Sending Me

Allied Compliance Services, Inc. is a preferred provider for laboratories and third party administrators around the nation.  You may have received a test authorization from a current or prospective employer.  Please print the test authorization if you can.  Otherwise, we'll print it for you when you arrive.  ACS will provide the collection service and ship your specimen to the lab.  Your test result will be released to your company or their third party administrator.  We're conveniently located, usually have short or no wait times, and offer professional and friendly service.  We're here for you!   

Drugs to Test

A person may be tested for the abuse of prescription drugs and the use of illegal drugs.  The most common drug test is called a

5-panel test, because it tests 5 categories of drugs, although there are 14 specific drugs that are included in the test.  They are:

    1. Marijuana (THC)   


     2. Cocaine

     3. Opioids







               Heroin (6-MAM)

     4. Amphetamines



               MDMA (Ecstasy)


     5. Phencyclidine (PCP)

ACS provides testing for many other drugs, including synthetic drugs.  Expanded and customized test panels are available to satisfy your unique requirements.  Call us, 800-411-6906, to discuss the specific drugs you need to test.  We're here for you!  

Detection Periods

Secondly, there are several different specimens that can be used to detect drug use.  The detection period is the main consideration when choosing a specimen type.  

Urine - most drugs:1-3 days, marijuana: up to 30 days or more*

Hair - 90 days or longer*

Saliva - a few hours-2 days*

Nails - about 90 days*

Call ACS, 800-411-6906, to discuss detection periods for each drug and each specimen type.  We're here to help!


Lab Test vs. Instant Test 

A urine collection may be sent to a DHHS-certified laboratory or processed at ACS. 


Lab tests often test at lower levels meaning lower confirmation thresholds are used.  We typically receive negative lab test results the next business day and immediately release them to you.  However, the lab may require additional time to measure the amount of a particular drug at the time of collection and report a test result. 


The Point of Collection Test (POCT), or Instant test, will simply produce a negative or non-negative test result.  Non-negative specimens may be confirmed at the lab for an additional fee. 

Medical Review

Positive test results reported by the lab may be submitted to a Medical Review Officer (MRO).  An MRO is a physician who specializes in explaining positive test results.  The MRO will interview the donor to ask about medications and surgical or dental procedures.  The donor will submit his/her prescriptions by fax.  The MRO will verify that the prescriptions are in the donor's name and that the amount of drug(s) in the system at the time of collection are within the prescribed dosage.  The MRO may contact doctors, dentists, and pharmacists during the evaluation.  The MRO is certified to verify a negative test result when the criteria is met and the determination is the test result of record.  There is an additional fee for this service.   


Alcohol Testing

ACS offers alcohol testing using state of the art breathalyzers or DOT-approved saliva strips.   

DNA Testing

ACS is a preferred collection site for many DNA laboratories.  Call us, 800-411-6906, to arrange DNA collections for paternity, immigration, or peace of mind testing.  We're here to help!

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