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  • In-House and On-Site Collection for Drug and Alcohol Testing using a DHHS Certified Laboratory

  • Administration of Random Selection programs for drug and alcohol testing for businesses and students.

  • Development of policies and procedures for drug and alcohol testing program


Drug & Alcohol Testing for Business

  • Pre-Employment Testing

  • Random Testing

  • Reasonable Suspicion

  • Post-Accident Testing (with 24 Hour Availability)

  • Return-to-Duty Testing

  • Follow-Up Testing


Drug and Alcohol Testing for Students

In 2002 the Supreme Court allowed for testing of students involved in extracurricular activities through the public school system. Monthly testing is performed to meet each school district's student policy protocol.


Administrative Services

  • Notary Services - Lubbock office only

  • Background Checks

  • Supervisor Training

  • Employee Education

  • HIPPA-Compliant Secure Document Storage & Destruction



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